It has been awhile that I have no longer felt represented with my old branding, a cute little paper crane, that has done its job for quite some time now.
This time I have decided to go for a more typographical solution.
For the logotype I am using the "shorter" version of my name (In Russian "Anya" is "Аня" and is shorter than "Anna" or  "Анна", and this is how my family and friends usually call me). Interesting fact : Anja Rubik is also Anna, but as her mother tongue is Polish she spells it with a "j" instead of a "y".
I decided to go for a slightly rounded Sans Serif font. The letters are designed in a minimalistic way, with only the use of one continuos line per letter.
As for the colors and patterns I wanted to go for a clean but chic combination of dark blue and raw pink with the use of a custom marble pattern in blue tones.
Identity color options
Main color combination
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